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Become a Montessori Teacher!

Metro Montessori is proud of its long-standing relationship with The Montgomery Montessori Institute (MMI). Hosted at Metro Montessori's Franklin Montessori Schools in Rockville, Maryland, MMI was founded in 1993 for individuals interested in becoming certified, Early Childhood Montessori educators. In 2010, MMI's Infant & Toddler teacher education course was born. MMI's teacher education courses are MACTE accredited and AMS affiliated. The Montgomery Montessori Institute is approved by the Maryland Higher Education Commission.


MMI's carefully-designed Early Childhood and Infant & Toddler teacher education courses were established in response to the critical community and nationwide need for qualified and inspiring early childhood educators and infant & toddler professionals. This rigorous, highly-selective program is anchored in the teaching philosophy and methodology formulated by Dr. Maria Montessori, MMI's program focuses on the developmental needs of the child within a context of freedom and structure.

To learn more about about MMI, please email Program Director Pamela W. Trumble or call (301-279-2799) today!  


Montgomery Montessori Institute is owned and operated by Montgomery Montessori Institute, LLC

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