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Metro Consulting


Educational Leadership Advisors

For Montessorians, by Montessorians

​Metro Consulting provides support services for independent and public Montessori schools and other institutions in the greater Montessori community. In addition to consulting, our parent organization, Metro Montessori, operates AMS-accredited and AMI-recognized Montessori schools, a MACTE-accredited Montessori Teacher Education center, and a Montessori-specific professional development training program. Our team has extensive experience in operations, management, school accreditation, finance, education law and advocacy at the local, state and national level.​

Systemic Support for Innovative Education
  • Looking for the next leader of your organization?

  • Starting a school, early childhood education center, or teacher training program?

  • Seeking help with parent engagement, team-building or crisis management?

  • Considering accreditation?

  • Navigating government policy, licensing, or approval issues?


You can realize your vision. We work with schools and organizations in the U.S. and all over the world: private and public, schools and training centers, Montessori and other innovative philosophies. Our consulting support includes training, facilitation, human resources and management services to help you start, maintain, and grow your school or organization. 


Contact our team of experienced Montessori educators, leaders and advocates today to start the conversation. 

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