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Learning for Life

Metro Montessori is dedicated to making quality Montessori education accessible to more children around the world, through creating beautiful schools, training future Montessori teachers, advocating for policies that support Montessori education, and advising others who share our goals.

What We Do 

Our Servuces

Since opening our first school in 1977, Metro Montessori has grown 

into an organization representing 5 AMS-accredited Montessori schools, 1 AMI-recognized Montessori school, approximately 1,000 students, and 250 educators in the greater Washington, DC area.

We offer consulting and management services to help you start, maintain, and grow your school or teacher training program. Metro Montessori works with all organizations dedicated to innovative education, while bringing a perspective grounded in Montessori philosophy.

Through our Metro Teacher Training Institute (MTTI) we provide continuing education opportunities to all professionals in the field of early childhood education. All training is approved by the Office of Child Care, Maryland State Department of Education.

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